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Sort through our brick catalogue. You can filter by colour, style and availability, or just look at everything we’ve got. Click on a brick you like to get more details.

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If there’s a brick you like, click on Select Sample right below its name. It will be added to your cart. You can also use the filter to compare your selections by tapping View Selections.

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Once you've compiled a list of preferred bricks, click the 'View Brick Selections' button and complete the form to request samples or obtain additional information.

  1. 661 Smooth
    661 Smooth
  2. 661 Velour
    661 Velour
  3. 671 Smooth
    671 Smooth
  4. 671 Velour
    671 Velour
  5. 691-693 Smooth
    691-693 Smooth
  6. 830 Dart-Tex
    830 Dart-Tex
  7. 8520 Coarse Velour
    8520 Coarse Velour
  8. 8521 Coarse Velour
    8521 Coarse Velour
  9. 8522 Coarse Velour
    8522 Coarse Velour
  10. 8523 Coarse Velour
    8523 Coarse Velour
  11. 8530 Velour
    8530 Velour
  12. 8531 Velour
    8531 Velour
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