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Brafasco Resources

View these documents that you can use as great references from HD Supply Construction & Industrial Brafasco!


New Brafasco Account Form

Open a Brafasco account and get convienience, advantages 
in pricing and accurate billing history, and options to grow 
alongide your business.

With an account of purchasing terms, you get flexible credit 
limits, pre-ordering ahead of payments, uniform pricing and 
billing and much more.

Download, print, email or handwrite your information today! 
We have easy ways to get you shopping quickly and regularly 
on account at Brafasco.


Bolt Threading Chart

This handy reference page shows you quick conversions
of Metric ISO, UNC, UNF, British Standard, thread
measurements and more! Effortlessly review what the
conversion is from inches to millimetres in different fitments.
Also includes a great fasteners guide to identify the best
product for the job.


Commonly Used Construction & Industrial Product
Industry Terms

Don’t be left with more questions than answers when a coworker
or customer explains something to you. Let us help you with the
most common industrial product terms with this handy technical

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